Dr. Jiayun Zou

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jiayun.zou (at) tum.de
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  • Biodiversität & Ökosystemfunktionen
  • Phylogenie, Traits, Koexistenz
  • Höhengradienten

Ausgewählte Publikationen

Zou, JY., Luo, YH., Burgess, KS., Tan, SL., Zheng, W., Fu, CN., Xu, K., Gao, LM. 2020. Joint effect of phylogenetic relatedness and trait selection on the elevational distribution of Rhododendron species. Journal of Systematics and Evolution. doi: 10.1111/jse.12690.

Ye, LJ., Möller, M., Luo, YH., Zou, JY., Zheng, W., Wang, YH., Liu, J., Zhu, AD., Hu, JY., Li, DZ., Gao, LM. 2021. Differential expressions of anthocyanin synthesis genes underlie flower color divergence in a sympatric Rhododendron sanguineum complex. BMC Plant Biology, 21, 204.

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Luo, YH., Cadotte, MW., Burgess, KS., Liu, J., Tan, SL., Zou, JY., Xu, K., Li, DZ., Gao, LM. 2019. Greater than the sum of the parts: how the species composition in different forest strata influence ecosystem function. Ecology Letters, 22, 1449-1461.

Tan, SL., Hollingsworth, PM., Qin, HT., Ye, LJ., Zou, JY., Gao, LM. 2019. Development of polymorphic microsatellite markers for tree peony Paeonia delavayi (Paeoniaceae) using ddRAD‑seq data. Molecular Biology Reports, 46, 4605-4610.


2021- Postdoctorand, Ecosystem Dynamics and Forest Management Group, Technische Universität München
2015-2021 Doktorand, Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
2011-2015 Bachelor of Sciences in Ökologie, Guizhou University, China