Dr. Maria Potterf

☎ 0049 8161 71 4693, 📌 Room
maria.potterf (at) tum.de
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Research interests

  • Disturbance ecology
  • Resilience of forest ecosystems
  • Forest management

Selected Publications

Eyvindson, K., Duflot, R., Triviño, M., Blattert, C., Potterf, M. & Mönkkönen, M. High boreal forest multifunctionality requires continuous cover forestry as a dominant management, Land use policy, 100, pp. 1–10, 2021.

Vanická, H., Holuša, J.,  Resnerová, K.,  Ferenčík, J., Potterf, M., Véle, A., Grodzki, W. Interventions have limited effects on the population dynamics of Ips typographus and its natural enemies in the Western Carpathians (Central Europe), Forest Ecology and Management, 470–471, 2020.

Potterf, M.
, Nikolov, C., Kočická, E., Ferenčík, J., Mezei, P. & Jakuš, R. Landscape-level spread of beetle infestations from windthrown- and beetle-killed trees in the non-intervention zone of the Tatra National Park, Slovakia (Central Europe), Forest Ecology and Management, vol. 432, no. August 2018, pp. 489–500, 2019.

Potterf, M.
, & Bone, C. Simulating bark beetle population dynamics in response to windthrow events, Ecological Complexity, 32, 21–30, 2017.

Havašová, M.
Ferenčík, J.& Jakuš, R. Interactions between windthrow, bark beetles and forest management in the Tatra national parks, Forest Ecology and Management, 391, 349–361, 2017.

Mezei, P., Jakuš, R., Pennerstorfer, J., Havašová, M., Škvarenina, J., Ferenčík, J. Slivinský, J., Bičárová, S., Bilčík, D., Blaženec, M., Netherer, S.  Storms, temperature maxima and the Eurasian spruce bark beetle Ips typographus—An infernal trio in Norway spruce forests of the Central European High Tatra Mountains, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology., 242, 85–95, 2017.


Since 2021 Postdoc, Ecosystem Dynamics and Forest Management Group, Technical University of Munich, Germany
2019–2021 Postdoc, Boreal Forest Ecosystems Research Group, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
2016-2019 Postdoc, Disturbance ecology research group, Institute of Forest Ecology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia
2015-2016 Research Assistant, Spatial Computation, Cognition and Complexity Lab, Department of Geography, University of Oregon, USA
2012-2016 Doctoral student, Institute of Forest Ecology, Slovak Academy of Sciences & Technical University, Slovakia
2010-2012 Master of Science, Physical Geography and geoinformatics, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia
2011-2012 Master 2, Operation and management of ecosystems, Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy, France
2005-2008 Bachelor of Sciences, French Language and Geography, Constantine the Philosopher University, Nitra, Slovakia