Franziska Pöpperl

PhD Student
External student
franziska.poepperl (at)

Research interests

  • Geoinformation
  • Disturbances
  • Mountain forests
  • Protected areas

Selected Publications

Pöpperl, F., and R. Seidl. 2021. Effects of stand edges on the structure, functioning, and diversity of a temperate mountain forest landscape. Ecosphere 12(8):e03692.


Seit 2020 PhD student, Ecosystem Dynamics and Forest Management Group, Technical University of Munich
Seit 2019 Geoinformation specialist, Amt der Oö. Landesregierung
2014-2019 Geoinformation specialist, Kalkalpen National Park
2011-2014 M.Sc. in environmental planning and ecology, Technical University of Munich
2008-2011 B.Sc. in geography, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich