We organize a number of excursions to convey teaching content directly in the forest. Thematic key aspects encompass silviculture, forest dynamics, and nature conservation. Our excursions take place in different Central European ecosystems and cover an environmental gradient from dry lowland pine forests to mixed mountain forests. Excursions are in close collaboration with forest practitioners providing insights about challenges and solutions of practical forest management.

In ten courses covering approximately 35 days, we are teaching students outside in the forests. A complete list of courses can be found in Campus Online (registration required).

Examples of excursions offered by the chair

During the 4-day excursion we discuss the management of different forest ecosystems in Central Europe. We learn about the requirements and management strategies of different forest owners (e.g. private forest, municipal forest, state forest and federal forest).

During the 1-week excursion, we design an annual management plan for a university forest enterprise. In close cooperation with the forestry administration, we discuss operational goals and silvicultural concepts in forests, select trees for cutting, and develop an integrative annual management plan. We combine ecological, socio-economic and technological aspects of forest management during the course.

During this 4-day course at the TUM Research Station Friedrich N. Schwarz close to Berchtesgaden National Park, students get introduced to the theoretical basics and applied methods of movement ecology. With the ongoing GPS-telemetry projects (e.g. red deer) in the adjacent National Park methods can be tested and learned in practice.