Teaching in the national park

The Berchtesgaden National Park is an important learning place where students can experience ecological processes and concepts of nature conservation. Students can learn how ecosystems develop after humans have retreated. The understanding of natural processes (which often cannot be observed unfiltered in managed systems) is strengthened. At the same time, the example of the national park can also be used to illustrate the balancing of different usage interests (e.g. tourism, nature conservation, climate protection).

The chair of Ecosystem Dynamics and Forest Management in Mountain Landscapes offers a range of courses and excursions in the Berchtesgaden National Park. A central element for university teaching in the national park is the TUM research station Friedrich N. Schwarz, which is located in front of the gates of the national park on Rossfeld. The station offers accommodation for up to 40 people and is equipped with a large seminar room and several laboratory workstations. The building is a wooden structure that operates independently in terms of water and energy supply; this also sets new standards in terms of sustainability in teaching.